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Beads on One String
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What began simply as a song and book about our “connectedness” in the world has grown into a popular positive behavior and bully prevention program for elementary schools.

Picture a beaded necklace, where every bead is a different size, shape and color, but all held together by one string. This is what Dennis Warner visioned while creating a song that evolved into the beautiful book now utilized throughout the USA and other countries, showing kids and adults that we are all connected, like beads on one string.

The Beads on One String Project was created in 2004 following an invitation by Pat Heine, Education Director at St. Cloud State University.  At that time, bully prevention curriculums were common in high schools and middle schools, but not so much at the elementary level.  Dennis, Pat and teacher Jill Halberg believed this was backwards, that bully prevention priority should START in the younger grades. Together, they crafted The Beads on One String Project, a fun curriculum for elementary schools that demonstrates our connectedness with each other. What began as a pilot program in Minnesota schools has now grown well beyond the land of 10,000 lakes to a worldwide audience.

The Beads on One String Project utilizes two things that kids love – music and art – while emphasizing the importance of positive behavior and interaction. The highlight is a school visit by Dennis. Touring nationwide, he loves performing and sharing his uniquely personal stories with the kids and staff.  And they love him!

Beads on One String fits perfectly within PBIS frameworks. It’s also used effectively with Diversity, Disability and Bully Prevention curriculums.  Helping with conflict resolution, school counselors love using Beads on One String to demonstrate Dennis’s popular phrase, “We’re more alike than we are different”.

Dennis Warner has been honored to present this program at numerous teacher, principal and school counselor conferences throughout the country.

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