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“Your message is awesome! The students each made their own bead to represent themselves and are now displayed along our hallway. We all had so much fun. Your song is now stuck in my head!”
J Bobbi Austin – Counselor
Dakota City Elementary (IA)

“We’re all on the same string! Thanks for helping us start our Cameron Elementary year in a positive, reflective way!”
Pat Schroeder – Principal
Cameron Elementary (WI)

Beads on One String still echos in the halls here at Johnson Elementary School. We also continue to use your CD with Don’t Laugh at Me in our bullying education program. Keep Singing!”
Dedra Dolan – PTA
Green Mountain Elementary (VT)

Beads On One String brings everyone together in a fun way. It creates a common language for us to converse with each other about critical issues.   I believe the hook of the beads is a concrete way to help kids see some of their conflicts in a different light.

Many times I refer back to the song or book when I am working with kids. The beads are so basic and simple, and kids get that and relate it to people instantly. The theme is embraceable by the entire community.”
Dianne Moeller -Principal
Kennedy Elementary (MN)

“Dennis, you were great! Your program sets a high standard. Loved having you back in Lincoln again.”
Bill Thurmond – Principal
Norwood Park Elementary (NE)

The Beads on One String Project with Dennis Warner is both engaging and entertaining.  His message is timely and so important.  Dennis’ story and song will help me reinforce the importance of acceptance.”
Pam Lowndes – Teacher
Parkview Heights Elementary (NE)

“Our goal was to promote diversity and respect for all people. Dennis fulfilled that goal in a way that perhaps can only be accomplished through the arts.It was gratifying to have staff, parents and children approach me to express their appreciation for having Dennis at our school.  The impact of his performance on us was renewed appreciation for others and a lot of fun.”  
Phil Gurbada – Principal
Royalton Elementary (MN)

“I loved The Beads on One String concert and appreciate the great work that you do, Dennis. Thanks for visiting our school.”
Joe Johnson – Principal
Dillon Valley Elementary (CO)

“Our school is using Beads on One String as the theme for the year, emphasizing to students, staff and parents the importance each individual plays in creating a nurturing school environment in which each child can thrive.”
Barbara Kaufman – Principal
Robert Clowe Elementary (IL)

“Dennis’ presence is very child supportive.  His message about bullying and being one individual, highly unique bead on the string of life is very valuable.   He has charisma, talent and a spiritual presence that is also noticed by young people.”
 Gary Loch
Multicultural Diversity Coordinator

ISD 742 (MN)

“The Illustrations create a beautiful image for the song, which lyrically illuminates the connections between all people.”
Carolyn Bninski – Director
Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center (CO)

 “Dennis Warner is an awesome performer!   Our school children enjoyed the concert very much.   He was certainly delightful and connected well with the students.”
Pat Lindeman – Principal
St. Augustine Elementary (MN)

“Hello Dennis Warner. I am in the fourth grade at Holling Heights and I am your biggest fan. Your book is awesome and fantastic. You are a perfect speaker and comedian. Thank you for visiting my school.”
Jonathan, Student
Holling Heights Elementary (NE)

“The students had a blast making the beads.  Thanks for the great concert!!!!  We had so much fun. If you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to use my name.”
Erin Hatlestad – Principal
Sacred Heart Elementary (MN)

 “Teaching through art and song has a special way of reaching young people. The ongoing success of this educational program helps promote non-traditional ways of teaching and learning.”
Jennifer Kiel – Art Education
St. Cloud State University (MN)